Art & Design

At St John’s Walham Green we aim to ensure our Art curriculum provides children with a practical subject that stimulates creativity and nurtures imagination through the use of experiment, exploration and decision-making. We recognise the vital role the study of art and design provides to learners from all key groups, exposing our children to a variety of different media so that they develop the cultural capital needed to become educated citizens. 


Our progressive learning journey incorporates six key skills from the National Curriculum: colour, form, pattern, drawing, texture and printing. Children will explore these in depth, with a clear progression of skills within every Key Stage, building upon prior learning and with a strong range of curricular links. Through these key skills, we intend to create a sense of curiosity and a desire to create, and we draw on links with the local community to support this. Children will be inspired to discuss, evaluate and respect a variety of peers’ and artists’ work in all Key Stages.

We aim to develop our learners into competent risk-takers, whereby they develop confidence in self-expression, critical thinking and personal endeavour through the arts, to continue throughout their lives. All of this is done with our three core Christian Values at the heart of everything: courage, compassion and wisdom. Courage never to give up and to persevere even when the learning is challenging; compassion to help create a shared understanding of how to treat each other both inside and outside of the classroom and to appreciate that we all learn in different ways and at different paces; and wisdom to learn from our successes and our mistakes to help us make even wiser choices the next time.

Design Technology

At St John’s Walham Green we aim to teach Design and Technology lessons that encourage all groups of children to think and intervene creatively to solve problems through both design and making, as individuals and as members of a team. Our curriculum combines skills, knowledge, concepts and values to enable children to tackle real problems. 

Skills are taught progressively to make sure that all children are able to practise their skills and learning in order to develop throughout their school journey. Evaluation is an integral part of the design process that allows children to adapt and improve their products: this is a key skill which they need throughout their lives. Children will consider not only their own needs and wants, but also those of others, and will be made aware of different values, motivating them and giving meaning to their learning. 

We aim to use a cross-curricular approach, linking DT to other subjects such as PSHE, Art, Science, Mathematics and Literacy. We intend to ensure children can apply their learning both inside and outside the classroom, relating the taught skills to real-life situations.