Computing is an integral part of our curriculum and one of our core subjects. We believe children should be equipped with the problem solving skills and computational thinking to achieve their potential through the use of modern technology, future-proof learning which will benefit them in a rapidly developing world.



Pupils learn about communication, control, creativity and collaboration by following an exciting and varied curriculum that takes advantage of developing technologies and innovative software. From early years to year 6 classrooms and across a range of topics and subjects, pupils are giving opportunities to use both desktop and tablet technology, with over 60 iPads now in regular use throughout the school and a fully equipped computing suite with 30 computers.

Younger children are given hands-on experience with products such as Bee-bots, digital cameras, remote controlled cars and touch-screen technology. Further up the school, children have the opportunity to create digital art and videos, use the Internet to research and present information, and even program their own games.

All classrooms benefit from interactive whiteboard technology and a range of cross-curricular resources which ensure we offer a wide and exciting range of learning experiences in all aspects of the curriculum.