At St John’s Walham Green, through our History curriculum, we aim to create interest and curiosity in the children, motivating them to learn about the past while making sense of their present. Through high quality lessons, we aim for the children to develop a sense of identity and an appreciation for the diversity of societies in order to prepare them for the challenges of their time. We aim for all the children to have access to an inclusive and engaging curriculum that equally balances the teaching of skills and knowledge inside and outside the classroom. 

In line with the National Curriculum requirements, our curriculum focuses on understanding chronology, developing inquiry, analysis and interpretation skills, whilst also teaching knowledge of concepts, events, and people from the past. We intend the curriculum to enable pupils to think critically about history, with an ability to support, evaluate and challenge their own and others’ views using historical evidence from a range of sources, preparing them for the next stages of their education. We aim to prepare them to leave St John’s with the life skills to reflect, debate, discuss and evaluate the past with respect to their own and other people’s cultures in the world and in modern, multicultural Britain. 

All of this is done with our three core Christian Values at the heart of everything: courage, compassion and wisdom. Courage never to give up and to persevere even when the learning is challenging; compassion to help create a shared understanding of how to treat each other both inside and outside of the classroom and to appreciate that we all learn in different ways and at different paces; and wisdom to learn from our successes and our mistakes to help us make even wiser choices the next time.


At St John’s Walham Green, through our Geography curriculum, we aim to inspire a sense of curiosity and fascination with our world and its people that will promote the children’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. Our curriculum is in line with the National Curriculum requirements and is designed to teach both locational and place knowledge and human and physical geography while focusing on developing research and observation skills that will carry children further in the next stages of their education. 

The inclusive curriculum intends the children to develop an understanding of the world, the United Kingdom and their locality in London, with many opportunities for all children to engage in fieldwork to increase their investigation and observation skills inside and outside the classroom. The curriculum balances progressive geographical knowledge and transferable skills, since we believe both are crucial for the children to make sense of the world. 

Our curriculum intends the children to leave St John’s with an appreciation and understanding of the Earth’s physical and human processes as well as diverse places, people, resources and natural and human environments, so the children can develop awareness and problem-solving skills about the threats to a range of environments around the world. 

In the EYFS, children are guided to meet their Early Learning Goals for Understanding the World through activities such as:

  • sequencing events
  • discussing changes in themselves from birth to five
  • how things were different when their parents were children
  • studying photos and artefacts
  • building of small worlds
  • talking about how things happen