History and Geography at St John’s

At St John’s we aim to promote children’s understanding of the world around them; we study the past both in their own country and beyond. The children learn through engaging with a ‘Big Question’, through which they are guided through to gain an understanding of that particular area of the National Curriculum.

St Johns aim to:

  • Promote an enquiry based strategy for the teaching and learning of both History and Geography.
  • Enable children to make personal connections with the past and the physical world.
  • Develop a secure understanding of chronology.
  • Develop an understanding of our place in the world both geographically and historically.
  • Enhance the children’s understanding and knowledge of Britain today, and of its history.

In Geography led - units, children should be able to explore these skills to aid their understanding:

  • Fieldwork
  • Analysing data
  • Using and analysing evidence (photos, maps, plans)
  • Observing, measuring and recording of information using a range of methods


Topics across the school:

  • Year One – Changes within living memory; United Kingdom; Events before living memory
  • Year Two – Continents and Oceans, Significant Explorers; Contrasting Areas: London vs Kenya; Historical Events: Great fire of London, creation of the internet.
  • Year Three – Tudors and comparing areas; Earthquakes and Volcanoes; Iron Age to the Stone Age.
  • Year Four – Anglo-Saxons and Vikings; Rainforests and Rivers; Ancient Egypt.
  • Year Five – Ancient Greece; British Discoveries and Early Civilizations.
  • Year Six – The Romans, comparing then and now; Knowledge of the Globe; Central and South America.

In the EYFS, children are guided to meet their Early Learning Goals for Understanding the World through activities such as:

  • sequencing events
  • discussing changes in themselves from birth to five
  • how things were different when their parents were children
  • studying photos and artefacts
  • building of small worlds
  • talking about how things happen