Modern Languages

Language learning is really important to us at St. John’s. We passionately believe it is important to give children different language-learning opportunities at an early age. Enabling a child to tune their ear to the rhythm of a language sets them up on their journey into secondary school. At St. John’s, children are taught French weekly across the school. The aim is to bring French to life by providing the children with the language skills to celebrate different cultural landmarks in the French calendar.


In addition, children in Year 2, 3 and 4 also learn Mandarin. The children are introduced to the language with songs and games but rapidly progress to both reading and writing in Mandarin. We are proud of our prestigious Confucius Classroom status, and there are many linguistic and cultural benefits. Year 4 children learn Kung Fu, and we often hold cultural workshops for children to celebrate all things Chinese. St. John’s children are annually entered into Kung Fu competitions and children sit a recognised Chinese Language test at the end of the 3 year programme.