Modern Languages

At St John’s Walham Green we aim to instil a passion for languages in the children, generating an excitement and enthusiasm which they can take into the next stages of their education and beyond. We believe it is really important that all groups of children are provided with different language-learning opportunities from an early age, enabling them to tune their ear to the rhythm of a language through games, songs and conversational activities. 

In line with the National Curriculum, we offer opportunities for children to learn both Mandarin and French by teaching them the appropriate reading, writing, speaking and listening skills and the relevant vocabulary in a range of everyday and cultural contexts. We aim to bring languages to life by equipping the pupils with the tools to celebrate different cultural landmarks both inside and outside the classroom, and inspire the children to become outstanding global citizens. 

All of this is done with our three core Christian Values at the heart of everything: courage, compassion and wisdom. Courage never to give up and to persevere even when the learning is challenging; compassion to help create a shared understanding of how to treat each other both inside and outside of the classroom and to appreciate that we all learn in different ways and at different paces; and wisdom to learn from our successes and our mistakes to help us make even wiser choices the next time.