At St. John’s we are very enthusiastic about music, which is a strength of the school. Every child is involved in musical activities every week. We take enormous pride in our singing, whether during Mass at St. John’s Church and in school, or in assemblies, class music lessons and the various musical events of the year, such as the Nativity Play and the Year 6 end-of-year show.

Each class has a weekly music lesson with Mrs Ostler, our Music Co-ordinator, who also takes each Key Stage for weekly Singing Assemblies and teaches the descant recorder to Year 4. We follow the National Curriculum guidelines, and whenever possible music lessons will be linked with a class’s topics of study. For example, when Year 3 study the Tudors they are taught Tudor rounds and dances in their music lessons.

Music 1

Music 2

There is a choir, two recorder clubs, and also after-school small group clarinet and ukulele tuition, with tutors provided by the Tri-Borough Music Hub (; parents are invited to log in to this useful resource. Many children study musical instruments such as guitar and violin out of school through the Tri-borough Hub, or attend the Young Singers, the Hub’s KS2 choir. This can lead on to Saturday morning sessions incorporating instrumental tuition, theory and ensemble playing; outstanding students have the opportunity to audition for the Centre for Young Musicians at Morley College, after which many study music at university or music college.

We take full advantage of musical events available for schools in London. Year 3 take part in the Classical Roadshow at Cadogan Hall with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra; Year 4 attend the Classical Music Spectacular at the Royal Albert Hall. The Choir takes part in the Hub Christmas Festival, and many KS2 children have attended lunchtime concerts at the Royal College of Music. Especially in Early Years, music is used throughout the school day to help with transitions from one activity to another and to enhance children’s learning.