Physical Education


At St. John's we understand and value the benefits of high quality PE and sport and are aware of its use as a tool for whole school improvement. We use PE and sport to allow the whole student to flourish and we scaffold learning to promote four key areas of pupil development; Physical, Social, Healthy and Thinking.



Students are encouraged and given every opportunity to participate in physical activity at least twice a week and are physically active for sustained periods of time. The varied curriculum allows pupils to develop competence to excel in a broad range of physical activities.


Students are given guidance to make informed choices to take part in physical activity. They are provided with a safe environment, and through the promotion of core values, are encouraged to develop confidence, perseverance and understanding to allow them to lead healthy, active lifestyles.


Students work individually and in teams throughout their lessons. They learn to accept defeat as well as celebrate their victories and personal achievements in a healthy fashion. We aim to equip students with the skills needed to enjoy communicating, collaborating and competing with each other.


Students are provided with regular opportunities to explore, compare and evaluate their, and others, performances. They are also encouraged to demonstrate and recognise improvements to achieve personal bests and understand how these improvements occurred.

PE Curriculum and Physical Development

At St. John’s we have a broad and engaging PE curriculum which has been developed to meet the requirements of the national curriculum, St. John’s pupils and the school facilities. Our PE curriculum focuses on the four key areas of pupil development (detailed in the St. John’s PE and Sport Philosophy) of physical, social, healthy and thinking.

Click on the link to the document below for details of the range of sports and skills delivered through St. John’s PE curriculum to aid our pupils’ physical development.

Competition & School Games

St. John’s provides pupils with opportunities to take part in competitive sport at a level relevant to each individual. We offer pupils a year round programme of regular intra-school competition in a number of sports which promote values such as teamwork, respect and sportsmanship. Inter school competition provides more able and talented students to represent the school in local and regional events including; Mayors Cup Football (Boys and Girls), Tag Rugby, District and Sportshall Athletics, Swimming, Skittleball and Netball. Details of St. John’s recent successes can be found in the ‘Sporting Success’ section further down this page. The attached timetable provides details of both Intra and Inter school competition opportunities (in addition to those opportunities offered during PE lessons) available to pupils across the school. The link below also gives further explanation of the different levels of competition through Sainsbury’s School Games.

Sportshall Athletics Awards Scheme

As part of St. John’s continued commitment to developing Physical Education at our school, all children in Key Stage 2 (years 3-6) are taking part in the nationally recognised Aviva UK Athletics Awards Scheme. The Sportshall Awards are designed for children to learn and improve their basic ‘athletic’ skills including co-ordination, balance, speed, rhythm, agility, upper and lower body strength. One of the major aims of this scheme is to raise average fitness levels in schools. The Awards also provide our pupils with the opportunity to meet the new national curriculum PE target of ‘comparing their performances with previous ones to achieve their personal best’. To celebrate and recognise individual athletic progress there are up to 7 badges available for pupils to work towards, during their time in Key Stage 2, to help encourage them to make progress and develop their skills. Badges are available to buy from the school office. Once purchased, the badge is presented to each child during our Friday Assemblies. These badges are then sewn onto the child’s PE shirt as a reminder to pupils to strive for individual improvement and excellence.

In Reception and Key Stage 1, our pupils are focused on developing their Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS) and we are able to measure this by tracking their development of key physical skills.

Sporting Success

At St. John's we are proud of our children's enthusiasm to participate in PE and sport in school and for the school in competitions and events across London. In the last year St. John's pupils have gone from strength to strength and have achieved huge success and we are proud of each child who has taken part in any event. Click on the link below for more details of our sporting success.

Kit and Equipment

We are fortunate at St. John’s to be resourced with lots of high quality PE equipment and facilities. For your child to get the most out of this environment it is imperative they wear the right kit during their PE lessons. Their PE bag should always include the kit they require for both indoor and outdoor PE. School PE bag must contain:

  • Yellow Polo Shirt
  • Navy PE Jumper
  • Navy tracksuit bottoms
  • Navy Shorts
  • Black Plimsolls
  • Outdoor trainers (These must be suitable for the outdoor surfaces at St. John’s. Only Astro trainers or Running/Tennis trainers with suitable grip.)

Pupils will not be allowed to wear hi-top or skate trainers during PE lessons.