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As it is extremely important to us to keep our pupils safe online, we are promoting and teaching e-Safety both discreetly and explicitly during computing lessons. To read up a little more about what you should be talking about with your child, we would encourage you to visit the sites below for further resources:


Online safety for parents & pupils

The National Crime Agency website has lots of child/parent friendly advice, games, videos to ensure you have up to date knowledge of how to keep your child safe online.

Click on this link for advice on reporting child online safety concerns. The button below is on most interactive websites, where people can communicate with each other, as well as on the footer of this website. If you feel that you or your child has been subjected to online abuse, click this button to report it directly to the National Crime Agency. Please see the link above for further information.


Setting parental controls on devices your child uses to access the internet is one of the best ways to keep them safe online. Please click the link for a full guidance on setting these.

Popular app advice for parents. This website keeps up to date with the most recent social networking and chat based apps.

Parent Info is a collaboration between Parent and CEOP, a command of the National Crime Agency.  

Parent Info provides high quality information to parents and carers about their children's wellbeing and resilience.   It gives advice on health and wellbeing, sex & relationship, family life and Special Needs.

Parents Zone


At St John's we use a range of online tools to enhance the children's learning. All children in key stage 1 and 2 are given unique logins for the platforms j2e and Purple Mash, which they can access at school or home, plus save and share work with each other and their teachers. Children also have logins for the maths learning platform Mathletics, which can be access via the link below or their free app for tablets.


Purple Mash