We're raising £45,000 to provide vital IT equipment so that no child gets left behind. Help us continue to provide the best education for our pupils.

We have high expectations and ambitions for our children’s education at St. John’s Walham Green Primary.

We want to ensure that our children are in the best learning environment, receive the best teaching and have access to the best resources that we as a school and community can provide.

Access to a great education along with the required tools to help our children on their school journey is not a luxury, but a right.

From next year, pupils will actually be required to sit a digital multiplication check in Year 4 in what we believe will be the first of a range of digital assessments that will be introduced in the future, to modernise the way that we assess children in this country.

Our pupils need a fair chance to be prepared for not only these types of assessments, but also to be fully equipped by us for a future that will be driven by technology.

However, it will come as no surprise that the school’s finances have been dealt a huge blow due to the repercussions of the Covid-19 pandemic and the reduction in central government funding.

The effect of the last 12 months has forced the school to focus all available funds on immediate pupil priorities and unfortunately not on the essential investment we desperately need for our IT provision.

We need your help to ensure we can continue to provide all children with access to what is arguably the most important modern learning device in our children’s school career. 



- The Parent, Teacher and Friends Association: its YOU! ....and ALL the staff, governors and friends of the school. Our objective is to enrich the lives of all the children at St John’s.

Our purpose is to build a sense of community within the school whilst also trying to reach out externally by involving local businesses/organisations. Throughout the year we raise funds that will be spent on specific school initiatives that reinforce the academic lives of all children at the school.

- What does the PTFA do with the raised funds?

Previous fundraising projects have included: completion of an adventure playground, purchase of books for a book corner in every classroom, creation and development of the school library, development of the science garden and the purchase of classroom resources, sports equipment and premises improvements.

- How to get involved with the PTFA

Please contact the PTFA team at:  and ANY interest, help, donation of time or money will be gratefully received. Pooling ALL our resources is vital. 

Examples of what our resourceful and talented parenting community have helped with:

-        Decoration Donations

-        Library maintenance

-        Builders – to help with school repairs

-        Baking for bake sales and coffee mornings

-        Arts and Craft activities

-        Stage Managers – to help with live events

-        Poster/sign designers

-        Green Team participation (planting, weeding and maintaining green areas around school)

-        Bingo Callers, prize donations, local flyering, set up and clear up muscle, burger flipping!......

- How much time is required if I volunteer?

As much or as little as you can whenever you can. It doesn’t have to be a regular commitment.


Collect free donations for St. John’s every time you shop - At no extra cost to you! Visit the website and search for the school which is listed as Friends of St John’s Primary School – Walham Green or following the link which is: 
All you need to do is register and every time you shop online the retailer makes a donation to St John’s.


We are happy to announce that we have our very own Amazon Wish List!

From books, class room resources, stationary, art and craft supplies and gardening resources, you can make a direct impact on the resources we need and enabled staff and pupils to enjoy wide-ranging learning experiences. Staff have been busy adding resources and supplies to the list and will continue to add items over the school year.

If you would like to purchase something on our behalf, please visit:

If you find something you would like to purchase – just add it to your basket and follow the same procedures as it you were ordering something for yourself. The items will then be delivered directly to the school. This is a wonderful way of giving to the school and making a direct impact for the resources we need.


Make a donation via School Gateway

If you have a child attending St John's and would like to make a general financial contribution to the school at anytime during the year, you can do this via School Gateway. Any contribution amount you would like to donate should be made via the Voluntary Contribution tab.