School Council

St. John’s believe that pupils’ voice should play a really important role in challenging standards and exacting positive changes. They help to ensure that our values are embedded and many positive changes have been implemented following suggestions and initiatives organised by former school councillors.

In the Autumn term, children from Year 2-6 prepare speeches and present them to the class, persuading their peers to elect them. One from each class is selected and this forms a panel of 12 who meet once a month with the Headteacher or Deputy Headteacher. Each Councillor gets a special badge to wear. Class representatives listen to their classes and write their ideas down to discuss them at the meetings. Some ideas that classes have thought of in the last two years include friendship bench and friendship scheme, a Champ square and several ideas around themed days.

Often the School Council are asked to meet visitors and be excellent representatives for the school. They are invited to meet with Governors and other important guests to share their views and answer questions and they are always a credit to the school.